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Pierrot/Angelo, ALI PROJECT, Nana Kitade, TMR/ABS, D'espairsRay, Alice Nine, The gazettE, D'ERLANGER, lynch, MERRY, Kuribayashi Minami, whovian avoiding Moffat.
20-something, no future.
Español, English, -some French, though I need to get on my books-

A tragical Piscean
María Eva
In some future to be a food engineer


Postcards that come with GLAY EXPO Walker TOHOKU


「TAKURO×マキタスポーツ」 SWITCH Interview 

why do you live there
across the world from me 
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck 


angelic pretty + lacy collars
★ white cotton lace on freshly picked strawberries shirring jsk
☆ coloured tulle lace on precocious lady jsk
★ coloured tulle lace on drained cherry high waist jsk
☆ double layer of coloured tulle lace on misty sky jsk
★ coloured tulle lace on petit patisserie high waist jsk
☆ removable white tulle lace collar on romantic rose letter jsk

There are a lot more than these, they’re only a few of my favourites. ⊂((・▽・))⊃